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Reiki Light, LLCHealing through unfolding the invisible you


Holly Skelton is a channel, Divine Twin Flame and an intuitive Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, bringing forth spiritual messages from masters of peace and light -- Animal Totems, Angels, Archangels, The Fae, Tree Spirit and Star Beings. She began following the call to understand her fascination and connection to the Spirit realm through meditation and divination. Holly continuously uplifts and empowers those that are ready to receive and tap into their own spiritual gifts.


Energy healing is a journey of self

through becoming heart centered and living from the vibration of love

to affect the ascension of Gaia.



Discovery Healing Session:

  • Consultation
  • Sensory tracking
  • Usui Reiki energy healing: 60 or 90 minutes
    • Energetic tracking
    • Energetic cord cutting
    • Assistance from the Crystal Kingdom
  • Spiritual guidance: 30 minutes
Distance Energy Healing:

The universal connection transcends time and space. All that is needed is an openness within to receive healing. 

What is the distance energy healing process? After prepayment is made and a time scheduled, clients are asked to email a description of symptoms and an intention for the healing to [email protected] Before beginning a session, clients will receive email consultation. During the 60 or 90 minutes of energy healing, clients are to remain in a relaxed and receptive state until the energy healing is complete. After the session, clients will receive spiritual guidance via email. 



  • 1.5 hours………………....$95
  • 2.0 hours………………..$140


What to expect?

Clients may experience sensations during a session which can include: feeling heat or cold, tingling or slight pressure, change in breathing, emotional response, seeing vivid colors or falling asleep. Each session is different for every individual. Sometimes, sensations aren’t felt at all or are experienced in the days that follow. To assist with any changes that may occur: drink water, get plenty of rest, enjoy an Epsom salt bath or set aside quiet reflection time.



"Holly helped me move stuck energies that I couldn't move on my own for years. And she did it remotely which was even more astounding to me! Thank you so much Holly! You are an amazing energy worker!"

~Jared Bull


"As a Reiki Master level practitioner, Holly works with gentleness and attentiveness. She offers what might make your experience deeper, yet allows you to guide her as you begin. She is a humble, open channel for healing energy. My experience with Holly left me transformed."

~Jeanne Loehnis


"Holly's deep intuition and gentle spirit foster healing, clarity and guidance. I have found it very helpful.  I highly recommend receiving the beautiful life force energy of Reiki through Holly."

~Christa Chantelois



Reiki Session Payment

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Cash and check also accepted (in-person only)

Additional Questions? Please call: 920-460-9756

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